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Font Vending

Font Vending - bring more fonts to your apps

  • The program does not replace or add any *system* fonts.
  • All fonts are stored at the /sddcard/fonts/ folder or any other folder defined by Font Vending client developer. 
Developers often give users a possibility to use several different fonts in their apps. In this case non-standard fonts are usually stored in an installation file (apk). That results in unnecessary traffic and inefficient use of the device's internal memory. To avoid all these problems the Font Vending app was developed. By means of this program developers are able to give their users a possibility to choose what fonts they want to use without transferring it to user's device with their apk.

  • Variety of fonts to choose from
  • Font preview
  • The Google Web Fonts project is used as a provider of fonts (more fonts providers are to come)
  • Font filter by provider, category and/or language subgroup
  • Call Font Vending via intent from your app
  • Call Font Vending via intent from your app and define custom download target folder


Fonts list

Fonts information

Fonts download information

Font downloaded

Downloaded fonts are marked with
green check

Using filter

Filtered fonts

Check Google Market for
applications are using custom fonts.

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